10 Harsh Realities Of Rewatching The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Forward Of Rey’s Return

Rey is about to return for one more Star Wars film, however rewatching the sequel trilogy beforehand reveals some harsh realities about her story. There is not any denying that the sequel trilogy was exceptionally well-made and rejuvenated mainstream curiosity within the Star Wars franchise, resulting in an period of latest films and TV exhibits that followers might solely have dreamed of in earlier years. That mentioned, it is also clear that the sequels have a number of issues, together with how Rey’s character was dealt with. These issues harm the sequel trilogy as an entire and have the potential to have an effect on Rey’s story in her subsequent Star Wars function.

On the identical time, the sequel trilogy’s issues are a studying alternative for the workforce behind Rey’s New Jedi Order film. The writers can study what did not work about Rey’s story within the sequels to create a much more compelling narrative as she seeks to coach a brand new era of Jedi. Simply because the Star Wars prequel trilogy discovered redemption by means of tasks like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the sequel trilogy can discover some redemption if the New Jedi Order film is a hit. For that to occur, it is vital to face the tough realities of the Star Wars sequel trilogy and the way they affected Rey’s story.

10 Rey’s Character Had Little Room To Develop

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Force Awakens in front of Millennium Falcon.

Good character arcs convey how a protagonist grows and adjustments over time, however Rey’s character wasn’t given that chance within the sequel trilogy. Luke Skywalker grew into a greater man and a strong Jedi all through the unique trilogy whereas Anakin Skywalker slowly descended into darkness and have become a robust Sith. Rey, alternatively, is not a noticeably totally different individual on the finish of her story, and he or she was already highly effective from the start. That is to not say that tales with naturally gifted heroes cannot work, however the sequel trilogy had one other drawback that made this inconceivable.

9 Rey & Kylo Ren Have been Held Again By The Luke/Vader Mildew

Daisy Ridley as Rey and Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars The Last Jedi - featured image

Regardless of some parallels between them, Rey and Luke had been two very totally different characters, but she and Kylo Ren had been pressured to suit the Luke/Vader mildew from the unique trilogy. As a substitute of structuring the plot across the distinctive features of Rey and Kylo’s characters, Star Wars: The Power Awakens adopted the identical normal construction as A New Hope, resulting in a number of acquainted scenes that did not work as effectively the second time round. Rey following Luke’s journey does not work along with her energy stage and character, and Kylo Ren’s Vader-like actions do not make as a lot sense due to the totally different context.

One of the simplest ways to repair these issues would have been to provide the sequels the liberty to inform their very own story. If Rey had been a scholar at Luke’s Jedi Academy, for instance, then her being highly effective originally would make extra sense. Anakin was a robust Jedi at first of Star Wars: Episode II – Assault of the Clones, however he nonetheless went up in opposition to a Sith Lord who bested him in fight. Kylo Ren might nonetheless attempt to comply with in Darth Vader’s footsteps, but when he had fewer scenes taken straight from A New Hope, then he would not come throughout as a much less compelling model of his predecessor.

8 Rey Triumphed Over Kylo In Power Awakens (By Giving In To The Darkish Facet)

Rey feels the Force in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Rey managed to beat Kylo Ren in The Power Awakens regardless of by no means having used a lightsaber, however the true drawback was how she did so. Star Wars films usually frown on the hero giving in to aggression, portraying it as a weak point that finally results in the darkish aspect. Luke gave in to anger in Return of the Jedi however properly selected to reject the darkish aspect earlier than he might kill his father. Alternatively, Anakin gave in to hatred in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and killed Rely Dooku in chilly blood. These actions made it simpler for Anakin to maintain venturing additional into darkness.

This makes it particularly unusual that Rey defeated Kylo Ren through the use of aggression and that the film portrayed it as factor. Rey closed her eyes and felt the Power, simply as Maz Kanata advised her to, and it appeared that she would combat with calm focus whereas Kylo Ren was blinded by rage. Nevertheless, Rey grew to become simply as indignant and aggressive, and triumphant music performed after she bested him. The scene is the antithesis of Luke defeating Vader in Return of the Jedi and appears to go in opposition to certainly one of Star Wars‘ core themes. This can be a sample that Rey would repeat up till the very finish of the trilogy.

7 Luke Skywalker Ought to Have Finished A Higher Job Of Coaching Rey

Star wars grey jedi luke Rey

Leia Organa might have ended up coaching Rey, however Luke ought to have achieved a greater job instructing her the methods of the Jedi first. He believed that the Jedi Order wanted to finish, however he nonetheless promised Rey that he would train her the methods of the Jedi. He additionally mentioned that the Power does not belong to the Jedi, which means he technically might have taught Rey extra in regards to the Power typically. Luke’s third lesson in a deleted scene was displaying Rey that the Resistance wanted her and never him, additional highlighting that he ought to have achieved a greater job coaching her earlier than she left Ahch-To.

6 Star Wars Wasted The Power Dyad

Star Wars The Rise of Sywalker Rey and Kylo Ren Force Dyad

Star Wars‘ Power dyad was arguably probably the most fascinating idea launched within the sequel trilogy, and sadly, the thought failed to succeed in its full potential. Rey and Kylo Ren being one within the Power defined their connection from the primary two movies and would have been fascinating to discover intimately, however the dyad wasn’t launched till the final film. It additionally needed to compete with different revelations and plot traces that crammed the runtime, making certain that the dyad would not be introduced up once more till the tip of the film. Star Wars can proceed exploring the Power dyad in future tasks, but it surely should not have been wasted within the sequels.

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5 Rey Ought to Have Gotten A Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Rey and Kylo Ren in Star Wars 9 Duel of the Fates Concept Art

One other nice concept wasted by the sequels was Rey getting a double-bladed lightsaber. Colin Trevorrow’s Duel of the Fates script had Rey use the damaged items of the Skywalker lightsaber to construct a double-bladed lightsaber, which completely symbolizes honoring the previous whereas forging a brand new future. After Trevorrow stepped down as director for Episode IX, J.J. Abrams as a substitute opted to have Rey merely rebuild the lightsaber because it was, making its destruction pointless. A double-bladed saber is sensible for Rey since she had expertise combating with a employees, and whereas her yellow lightsaber might have two blades, she by no means had an opportunity to make use of it within the sequels.

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4 Rey Cannot Be Positive That Palpatine Is Actually Gone

Rey Skywalker looking up at her lightsaber and Palpatine from Rise of Skywalker

“Nobody’s ever actually gone” in keeping with Luke, and this can be very true for Emperor Palpatine. Rey’s grandfather already cheated demise as soon as, so it is solely attainable that he managed to take action once more. Palpatine deliberate on transferring his spirit into Rey, and he or she ended up killing him like he needed, making it unclear why the result can be any totally different. Rey might have defeated Palpatine and the Sith Everlasting, however she is going to possible be plagued with doubt over his attainable return or whether or not his spirit lives inside her.

3 “Rey Palpatine” Was Pointless

Dark Rey and Star Wars The Last Jedi

Palpatine returning in any respect within the sequels was pointless and poorly dealt with, particularly concerning his being Rey’s grandfather. The thought might have labored if it had been launched sooner, however the sequels waited till the final film to disclose that Palpatine was alive after which did not concentrate on him. The issue was made worse when Kylo revealed that Rey was a Palpatine, as she and the Emperor had no private historical past and no time to develop a compelling rivalry. The Power dyad was already an enticing reveal, and The Final Jedi arrange Kylo Ren as the principle villain, so there was no must introduce “Rey Palpatine.”

2 “Rey Skywalker” Would not Work

Luke and Leia Force Ghosts and Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

“Rey Skywalker” did not fare a lot better, and the thought does not make an excessive amount of sense. A core facet of Rey’s story was studying to let go of the previous and transfer ahead, culminating in her rejection of Palpatine and embracing the Jedi. Nevertheless, The Rise of Skywalker goes in opposition to this by having Rey commerce one household title for one more, a far much less compelling consequence than her simply being Rey. She might have chosen her personal title and created a brand new legacy, however now the galaxy will see her as the most recent member of the Skywalker bloodline.

1 Rey’s New Jedi Order Will Have The Similar Drawback As Luke’s

Rey and Jedi Order logo.

Rey’s New Jedi Order film will concentrate on her selecting up the place Luke left off, however she is going to possible face the identical drawback he did. Luke’s Jedi Order was destroyed only some a long time after it started, and Rey’s personal college students will certainly be tempted by the darkish aspect. Rey can have realized from Luke’s errors, however Luke realized from the previous Jedi Order’s errors and nonetheless ended up failing. A brand new dark-side villain might already be making ready to destroy the New Jedi Order earlier than it even begins, maybe the harshest actuality of the Star Wars sequel trilogy that Rey should overcome.