10 Horror Video Video games With The Greatest Storylines

Horror video video games provide a few of the finest storylines in gaming. Today, they provide immersive worlds, advanced characters, and twisting storylines which are as horrifying and compelling as any good horror movie. From psychological thrillers corresponding to Silent Hill to physique horror corresponding to Scorn, there is a recreation for each type of horror fan.

It’s a testomony to the standard of video games corresponding to Useless House and Resident Evil 4 that they every are receiving remakes in 2023. Like all the perfect horror video games, these titles are beloed for the way they mix scare ways with immersive storytelling to really terrify gamers.

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10 Useless House

Dead Space promo art featuring Isaac in his suit with Necromorphs in the background.

Useless House is likely one of the survival horror video games that do the style finest. Its gripping story takes place within the distant future, on a mining spaceship referred to as the USG Ishimura. Gamers tackle the function of engineer Isaac Clarke, who is distributed to the Ishimura to research a misery sign and finally ends up combating in opposition to hordes of alien creatures referred to as Necromorphs.

The storyline is fascinating in how successfully it escalates its horror. Isaac being nothing greater than an engineer goes a protracted strategy to making the participant character look small and helpless. Regardless of all he braves, all the things that occurs on the Ishimura is nothing greater than a small a part of a grand conspiracy.

9 Cry Of Concern

A mysterious figure drags a bloodstained hand against a gray wall, leaving a trail of blood behind

The psychologically immersive Cry of Concern that follows a person named Simon who’s looking for solutions within the abandoned metropolis of Stockholm after being attacked by monsters. The inspiration of Silent Hill is obvious to see because of the sport’s mundane setting and terrifying, monstrous creatures.

Simon must be relatable to any younger one who has gone by way of trauma. Even within the midst of a rapturous apocalypse, Simon’s greatest opponent is his personal thoughts. Cry of Concern includes a unbelievable story makes use of the horror style to deal with the realities of melancholy and restoration from trauma.

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8 Oxenfree

Two characters look at each other in a room from Oxenfree

The indie basic Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller recreation that follows a gaggle of pals who uncover a mysterious radio frequency whereas on a visit to an deserted island. Oxenfree stands out amongst different horror titles for its relative lack of jumps cares. As a substitute, it depends on the eerie ambiance it builds by way of visuals, sound design, and narrative.

Loss performs an enormous function within the story of Oxenfree, and it handles the topic artfully. Oxenfree has a number of interpretations, however the crux of the story is centered round loss. Whether or not it’s the island’s personal misplaced recollections of occasions passed by or the characters with their respective backstories.

7 Resident Evil

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Baker Family

The long-lasting Resident Evil franchise is a survival horror recreation sequence that follows the varied characters in its universe as they struggle hordes of zombies and different bio-organic weapons. In contrast to numerous horror online game franchises, Resident Evil is legendary for its sprawling narrative storytelling and fluctuating tone.

Since its debut, Resident Evil‘s solid of characters has grown from a single squad of troopers to a world roster of protagonists starting from badass stoics corresponding to HUNK to Everymen corresponding to Ethan Winters. It is one motive why the franchise has remained so contemporary over its lengthy life. There’s nothing fairly like Capcom’s quirky solid of zombie killers.

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6 Inside

The boy from Inside hiding behind a pillar as a robot looks for him with a searchlight

INSIDE would not have a single line of dialogue, however it works extremely properly regardless of that limitation. Contemplating the builders’ previous work, this makes numerous sense. Inside is an eerie 2D puzzle-platformer recreation that follows a younger boy navigating a mysterious and oppressive society. A lot of the sport’s plot is, fairly actually, “present, don’t inform.”

As video games corresponding to Limbo have confirmed, dialogue is just one narrative device, and it’s not a requirement for telling an excellent story. Inside greater than conveys the horrific nature of its atmosphere purely by way of efficient world-building. The darkish levels looming over the downright diminutive participant character are greater than sufficient to speak the story.

5 Sally Face

Sally Face screenshot of Sai with a mask

Sally Face follows the story of a boy named Larry who’s coping with the aftermath of a tragic occasion from his previous. Very similar to the quirky horror recreation Fran Bow, Sally Face stands aside from most horror video games because of its aesthetic.

The episodic nature of this online game lends itself properly to thrilling storytelling. The distinctive artstyle and darkish humorousness additionally assist it stand out. There’s additionally fairly a little bit of ludonarrative seamlessness with the gameplay and story, because the puzzles are reflective of the setting’s unusual quirks. Maybe most uncomfortably, the story doesn’t pull punches in its portrayal of trauma.

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4 Devotion

Screenshot of horror game Devotion

Devotion is a first-person psychological horror online game developed by Pink Candle Video games. The story is ready in Taiwan through the Nineteen Eighties and follows a household residing in an residence advanced as they expertise supernatural occasions. The participant controls the patriarch of the household, a father and struggling author who should navigate the advanced and uncover the reality behind the unusual occurrences.

Pink Candle Video games’ builders are masters of a really particular model of “cultural horror”. Like one of the best horror motion pictures about households, Devotion’s horror could also be common, however the minute particulars are particular to the troublesome occasions the nation of Taiwan has confronted all through its tumultuous historical past. It’s this dedication to their nation’s heritage and distinctive aesthetic that makes Devotion stand out amongst horror video video games.

3 The Mortuary Assistant

The Mortuary Assistant with demon sitting on a shelf

The Mortuary Assistant is a horror online game wherein the participant takes on the function of a mortuary assistant who should remedy puzzles and uncover the secrets and techniques of a funeral dwelling. The premise is straightforward at first, however it shortly grows uncontrolled because the rituals begin to get extra macabre, not solely within the participant character’s duties however within the entities they should face.

As with every good supernatural horror, The Mortuary Assistant isn’t outlined by scary possessions. There’s an enormous underlying theme of loss current all through the story, and all of it begins with the premise itself. It’s a mortuary dwelling the place individuals are anticipated to stay out the remainder of their lives.

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2 Soma

Catherine from SOMA

Soma is a science-fiction survival horror online game developed and printed by Frictional Video games. The story is ready in an underwater analysis facility the place the participant character awakens years sooner or later to find that the remaining inhabitants of the ability have been changed by biomechanical entities.

Soma is a brand new path for Frictional Video games’ “low-tech” settings — see the studio’s Penumbra and Amnesia — however the recreation options considered one of its finest narratives. The unsettling abundance of “life,” portrayed as agonized lots of cancerous biomechanical flesh, fulfills the horror facet. As well as, there’s additionally a touch of existential horror.

1 Silent Hill

James Sunderland looking at X rays in Silent Hill 2

The Silent Hill franchise follows varied characters who navigate the haunted city of Silent Hill, combating monsters and uncovering the reality behind the city’s darkish previous. There have been many protagonists all through the franchise, all of whom undergo their very own distinctive manufacturers of trauma.

The frequent denominator within the franchise has all the time been the eponymous city of Silent Hill. By means of each incarnation, whether or not it is frozen up to now or a terrifying imaginative and prescient of the long run, Silent Hill‘s storylines have been a deep dive into the psyches of troubled people. Few issues are extra terrifying than what lies inside.

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