Jaskier’s Timeline Makes The Witcher Season 3 Manner Extra Complicated

Jaskier seems in The Witcher: Blood Origin, however his presence causes timeline confusion that The Witcher season 3 now must clear up.

Warning: spoilers forward for The Witcher: Blood Origin

Jaskier could have an unparalleled knack for penning viral ditties, however his presence in The Witcher: Blood Origin creates timeline confusion forward of The Witcher season 3. Set 1200 years earlier than The Witcher‘s important story, The Witcher: Blood Origin is firstly a prequel that delves into the mythology of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fictional Continent, touching upon the presence of monsters, the Conjunction, and the primary Witcher. Naturally, due to this fact, the spinoff is basically faraway from Netflix’s important The Witcher collection, telling a separate story with recent characters. One notable exception to that rule is Joey Batey’s Jaskier, who returns for The Witcher: Blood Origin, timeline be damned.


The Witcher: Blood Origin makes use of Jaskier as a framing system for its important story. The prequel begins with Geralt’s bawdy bard buddy encountering a Seanchai, which seemingly interprets to “time-traveling Minnie Driver” within the live-action Netflix world of The Witcher. The prequel narrative then turns into the story Seanchai tells Jaskier, and Joey Batey returns within the last episode able to unfold the story he heard across the Continent by way of his typical medium of catchy songs. Whereas The Witcher: Blood Origin utilizing Jaskier, a famed storyteller, to hook up with the principle collection roughly is smart, his position provides rise to a different timeline downside.

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Witcher: Blood Origin Makes Jaskier’s Witcher Timeline Extra Complicated

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By the tip of The Witcher season 2, Jaskier had narrowly prevented loss of life but once more, offering a serving to hand through the battle of Kaer Morhen. The Witcher season 2’s finale then ended with the mysterious advisor to King Vizimir of Redania, Dijkstra, demanding the “bard” be dropped at him. Dijkstra had been appearing as Jaskier’s secret benefactor all alongside, serving to the musician smuggle Elves out of Redania, however remaining hidden within the shadows. Netflix’s The Witcher season 2 ending teased Jaskier would discover himself forcibly introduced earlier than Dijkstra and made to repay that favor in season 3, with betraying Geralt and Ciri the most definitely compensation demanded.

When The Witcher: Blood Origin begins, nonetheless, Jaskier seems on a battlefield the place Temerian troopers are doing their damnedest to kill him, and the Scoia’tael try to save lots of him. Joey Batey has confirmed (by way of GamesRadar) his spinoff scenes occur between The Witcher seasons 2 and three, and this creates a disconnect between Dijkstra’s summons and The Witcher: Blood Origin‘s opening. How Jaskier jumps from one to the opposite stays principally unexplained. One chance is that the Temerians captured Jaskier on Dijkstra’s behalf, however that concept is contradicted by a soldier swinging an axe at Joey Batey’s head. When Dijkstra stated “bring me the bard,” he presumably meant in a single piece.

Witcher Season 3 Wants To Clarify The Hole Between Season 2 & Blood Origin

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Jaskier’s The Witcher: Blood Origin position means The Witcher season 3 has some explaining to do. If the Temerians captured Jaskier on Dijkstra’s say-so, this must be made clearer. With out extra particulars, the chance that Jaskier and Dijkstra’s assembly already occurred off-screen stays open, and the battlefield scene from The Witcher: Blood Origin might then be a consequence of no matter transpired between them. Equally possible is that the Temerian military took Jaskier prisoner for causes totally unrelated to Dijkstra – hardly an inconceivable state of affairs given the bard’s uncanny behavior of annoying people.

Nonetheless these dots are joined, The Witcher season 3 should clarify how Jaskier went from a pawn sooner or later plans of Dijkstra and Redania on the finish of season 2, to a fiery battlefield with Elves preventing to defend him in The Witcher: Blood Origin. With out a correct rationalization of Jaskier’s muddled timeline, The Witcher season 2’s secret benefactor twist dangers changing into a story useless finish. Curiously, Joey Batey has revealed that his spinoff look was initially meant to fall between The Witcher seasons 1 and a couple of. Had these plans stayed intact, The Witcher: Blood Origin would have prevented giving The Witcher season 3 a Jaskier timeline headache.

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