Juxtapoz Journal – Rebecca Maria’s “Some Issues I Cannot Overlook”

From a era the place Outkast, JayZ, Nas, 2pac, and others had their music performed, jammed, sung on each road nook on the earth; From a era the place music was a technique to ease tensions between completely different communities within the neighborhood, to underline the violence of authority over society; To make us conscious of the world we stay in, and always remember it.

Together with her work, Rebecca Maria invitations us to come back and wander in a wave of nostalgia together with the rhythms and sounds of hip-hop tradition. In every of her work, with thick strokes laid down in steady motion, one shortly remembers the shapes and colours of the emblematic album covers that illustrated the best titles within the historical past of hip-hop and influenced a complete cultural motion. These works are very recognizable, though no reasonable particulars are obvious, which makes her creative signature. This fashion alters and blurs with lightness what’s undeniably acquainted to us. Rebecca Maria reveals a private collection of works from her youthful reminiscences. She owes this cultural heritage to her father, who, regardless of her want to alter radio stations or albums, by no means gave in, inking this nostalgia that she retains on remembering.

“One thing I’ll always remember is the nostalgia feeling once I hear to those albums at the moment and the instances these albums had been launched,” Maria says. “I hope that’s one thing that stays with me and continues to encourage me.”

An atmospheric feeling emerges when you enter the gallery house. The suspended work are a direct reference to the time when file outlets had been hanging from the ceiling the CDs of “the second”, swiveling by themselves following the motion of the shoppers within the store. Rebecca Maria not solely desires to pay homage to those artists by representing them on her canvases, she additionally desires us to find this tradition in situ inside the gallery house itself. Via this expertise, one can’t deny the sudden want to again in time and to stay the effervescence of the power created on the time of the discharge of those albums.

Rebecca Maria is a self-taught artist in her observe, distinguishing herself by an strategy that goes past what portray undertakes in its dimension. She distances herself from a standard format of illustration by making us expertise absolutely what she needs to share with us: her musical cultural heritage. She strikes us and accompanies us with nostalgia that resonates melodiously inside us. —Carlota de Torregrosa